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Austria-Hungary's WW1 casualty list database at RadixIndex passes its millionth record
Published: 12/13/2014 10:14

Another batch of 500,000 records has been added to the Verlustliste database, a collection at RadixIndex that indexes the published casualty lists of Austria-Hungary's military during World War I and thanks to the addition the number of records available in this database has gone beyond one million.

The current geographical distribution of the records in this database:
Austrian Empire:
- Bohemia: 150820
- Bukovina: 12729
- Carinthia: 6804
- Carniola: 7847
- Dalmatia: 10980
- Galicia: 112466
- Littoral (Görz and Gradiska and Istria): 9222
- Lower Austria: 42383
- Moravia: 52400
- Salzburg: 2964
- Silesia: 12159
- Styria: 21835
- Tirol: 12571
- Upper Austria: 14821
- Vorarlberg: 1889

Kingdom of Hungary:
- Kingdom of Hungary (proper): 364789
- Croatia-Slavonia: 39758

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 26214

Unknown: 99387

This database, like all other at RadixIndex, contain free records, too. Part of the free records are available through the list of most popular surnames and the daily openings of new surnames in the site's 2014 advent calendar. On top of that CroaRiva.com (guide to Croatia's Adriatic coast) publishes a growing number of records from Verlustliste that pertain to the Croatia's coastal area. Names from Croatia's northeastern region are expected to appear in batches on the soon to be launched site, Slavonia.info.

RadixIndex5,509,030 records1,063,092 for freeSurnamesPlacesLog inSubscriptionArchivedFB
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