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Verlustliste - Austria-Hungary's casualty list in WW1
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With the recent updates this database currently contains 2,692,876 records (about 98% of the estimated 2.7 million entries complete) of the areas of former Austria-Hungary ranging from Bohemia (Czech lands) to Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Tirol to Galicia. This is an ongoing project that with further records being processed and published. This database was launched in December 2012.

The source of this database
The Verlustliste, i. e. the Casualty list was a gazette published almost daily during the years of WW1 by the K.u.K. Ministry of War. The issues typically printed on 40-60 pages each (approx. 39,000 pages for the whole series) contain the casualties in sections like that of the officers, the one year volunteers, the military in the ranks, all in alphabetical order of surnames and given names. After a while a section of additions and corrections was added to the issues, too.
The publication includes military from all parts of Austria-Hungary, thus, soldiers from South-Tirol to Galicia, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Bohemia appear in the lists.
The information to be found in the issues can be: person's name, rank, military unit name and number, zuständigkeit (place of residence), year of birth and casualty type. This latter can be death (date of date usually provided), injury, becoming a prisoner of war (often with a place). Sometimes entries don't have all these details, information can be partial.
Another series published parallel with Verlustliste was Nachrichte über Verwundete und Kranke. This has information about the whereabouts of the injured, naming the hospitals of Austria-Hungary. Processing Nachrichte is not planned for RadixIndex.

The database
Our database contain the names and zuständigkeit information (places) of the military, issue and page number in the publication and a link to the actual page in the Kramerius Digital Library. Accents from letters in personal and place names have been stripped. The complete set of records in this database is accessible for RadixIndex subscribers, records with common surnames are available for all visitors of our site free of charge.
The scanned pages of Verlustliste are available for anyone in Kramerius, the digital library of the Czech National Library. Kramerius provides searching facilities in the texts of their materials, however, the machine processed, raw OCR-ed texts are not free of errors, thus, one may not find everything printed in the originals. Please note: due to the fact that these copies of originals are served by a third party rather than RadixIndex, RadixIndex offers no guarantees for the permanent and undisrupted access of these copies.
Browsing of the original pages in the Kramerius collection is possible if your web browser has a plugin installed that can handle DjVu files. If this is not the case, there are two options:
1) The left side menu on of Kramerius pages has an option to save ranges of original pages to widely used Adobe PDF files. Set the range of pages you'd like to see (which can be the exact one page you wish to access, too) and click on the "Create" link.
2) Get a free picture viewer for your computer that can show DjVu files. My favorite for MS Windows computers is IrfanView, but there are many more listed on DjVu.org page, as well.
Update June 2014: the publication is also available in the ANNO Collection of the Austrian National Library.

History of the database and acknowledgments
Dr. Viktor Andaházi-Szeghy of the Military History Library of Hungary's Ministry of Defense introduced Verlustliste to me back in the fall of 2007 - I'd like to express my gratitude to him for his urbanity. Assessing Verlusliste as an excellent source of information, I started making copies of pages to work with in the indexing using the fragmentary holdings of the Military History Library, the complete series at Ervin Szabó Library (Budapest's public library) and the incomplete series of the Parliament's Library in Budapest - these latter two collections had daily photo passes for this purpose. At the beginning of 2009 I contacted Hungary's National Széchényi Library with a complete series in their holdings with the inquery to have them scanned Verlustliste, the quote for the scanning and royalties was, however, prohibitive. My indexing went on, though, when a fellow family history researcher of the Csaladtortenet mailing list posted the appearance of the scanned title in Kramerius in May 2010. The Verlustliste database was finally launched in December 2012. I'd like to thank those few fellows, too, whom I informed about my plans about the database, asking them not to spread that information - they were kind enough to keep their promise.

Additional information
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