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Almanac and directory of the Hungarian railways 1911
Welcome to the home of this database, vol. 7 of RadixIndex. This database was launched in November 2002

The source of this database
The printed almanac and directory of Hungary's railways was used as a source for this database. Here is the bibliographical information of this publication:
Magyar vasuti szaknaptár, közlekedési almanach és sematizmus. Hetedik évfolyam: 1911. / hivatalos adatok alapján szerkeszti Wodiáner Béla Antal. - Budapest : Wodianer F. és Fiai Könyvnyomdájában, [1911]. - XXXII, 640 p., [1] t. ; 18 cm
[English translation of the bibliographical information:
Hungarian railway special calendar, almanac and directory of transport. Volume 7: 1911. / based on official data edited by Béla Antal Wodiáner. - Budapest : F. Wodianer and Sons Printing House, [1911]. - xxxii, 640 p., [1] t. ; 18 cm]

The contents of the database
This directory contains employees' names, positions, payment classes and groups. Besides the personnel of the Hungarian State Railways this publication has information about the employees of private railway companies, and also, it includes senior management staff and officers of Budapest's public transport companies, the river and maritime shipping companies in Hungary. The whole organizational structure of the directory is available here.

The number of persons included in the directory is 56,000.

Access to the database
In line with our free records policy entries with frequent surnames are freely available to any visitor of the site. Records with less frequent surnames can be retrieved using one's RadixIndex subscription account. (The number of hits in counties is freely available to anyone.) RadixIndex Standard and RadixIndex Light subscribers can download copies scanned from source.

More information
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