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RadixIndex school reports
Welcome to the home of this database, vol. 5 of RadixIndex.

School reports in Hungary
The first instances of published school reports go back to the 18th century in Hungary. They were quite rare at that time, though. Following the so-called Entwurf in 1849, which reformed education in Austria-Hungary, published school reports became usual and regular: by the last quarter of the 19th century practically all the secondary school had their own reports, and several primary schools had them, too. This period lasted until 1949, when publication was stopped.

At early times school reports contained only students' names and grades. Later other useful information about the school, its activities was added, too, and also, teachers wrote articles, studies for the volume.

The contents of the database
In January 2002, at the launch of the database it contained some 50,000 records. As of February 2010 323,000 records are included. Surnames and place names are indexed. Other database fields are the following: school name, year, class number, reference to the publication, page number. The reports usually contain other information, as well: grades (almost always), religion (usually). One can quite often find the place and year of birth for graduating students, this can be found only seldom for other students. Next to private students' names their birth years are usually provided. These additional information bits can be acquired by downloading copies of pages for RadixIndex Standard or RadixIndex Light plan subscribers. Due to copyright restrictions only pages from reports published before 1925 are available for download.

Access to the database
According to our free records policy entries with frequent surnames are available for free, without a subscription to RadixIndex.

Your town not included? Need more years?
Drop me a line if you would like to see other towns listed. At the turn of the 19-20th centuries a well-sized town (with, say, 5-10,000 inhabitants) usually had at least one secondary school. Chances are they published reports, and sometimes primary schools did so, as well. If you would like to see more years or schools of already included towns, please let me know. I'll do my best to get them. supportATradixindex.com .

More information
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