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Magyar almanach 1888
Welcome to the home of this database, vol. 4 of Radixindex.

Background information
Hungary had a system that portions of the government seats of counties and cities were reserved for the highest taxpayers of counties and cities. (The other part of local government positions were filled according to election results.) The term "virilists" refers to these men who were automatically elected into local governments due to the high tax figures paid by them. Counties had different threshnews of tax amounts needed to become a virilist. In a smaller, or poorer county it was easier to get this status.
Besides virilists, this database also features information on the members of the two chambers of the parliament.

The source of the database
This volume of RadixIndex is based on a book published in 1888:
Magyar almanach : A virilisták és Fiume vagyonos polgárságának czím- és névjegyzéke : a vagyoni állapot feltüntetésével : A főrendi és képviselőházi tagok névsora, valamint az ország nevezetesebb férfiainak életleirása és családi leszármazása / szerk. Máté J. Lajos ; kiadó-tulajdonos Mezei Antal. - Budapest : Pallas Részvénytársaság Nyomdája, 1888. - [4], 441 p.
[English translation of bibliographic data:
Hungarian almanac : The addresses and names of virilists [of Hungarian counties and cities] and of the wealthy citizens of Fiume : with information on their financial positions : The names of the members of the House of Lords and of the House of Commons, and also the biographies and genealogies of the more notable men of the country / ed. by Lajos J. Máté ; publisher-owner Antal Mezei. - Budapest : The Printing House of Pallas, Inc., 1888. - [4], 441 p.]

The contents of the database
There is information about close to 15,000 persons in this publication. As for the virilists, here is what one can typically find out:
- name, titles
- profession, occupation
- place of residence
- address (if place of residence is Budapest)
- the amount of tax paid in Hungarian Forints
- the county or city where the person was a virilist.

Unless they were also virilists, members of the House of Lords are usually only mentioned with their names and main titles. Information on members of the House of Commons tend to be more detailed: besides their names short biographies, constituencies are usually provided.

Access to the database
Access to records with frequent surnames is free for all visitors of the site. Entries with other surnames are retrievable for RadixIndex subscribers - visitors can see how many hits are there from each of the counties. RadixIndex (Standard) and RadixIndex Light have the access to digital copies of the pages of the source, too.

More information
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