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Welcome to the home of RadixRef. With its start in September 2000, RadixRef is volume 2 of RadixIndex databases. Here you can find information about this project.

What is RadixRef?
RadixRef is an index of people that can be found in various Hungarian biographical collections, either printed or in archives stacks. The concept is that although these publications usually contain very good information for family historians or researchers of persons, they are quite much out of focus. Who would scan through tens of books to find people belonging to a particular family? Some maniac researchers would do for sure, but would not it be nice to have a master index for many of these resources?

Who is included?
Well, anybody could be put in. RadixRef does not target celebrities or well-known persons, instead, I try to reach materials that are normally out of scope for other projects. One can find details about everyday people in local publications or in special interest books.

What is the geographical scope of indexed materials?
Records are related to Hungary. Quite a few of the publications indexed were published after World War 1. Information in them typically relate to post-WW1 Hungary, in other words, compared to historical Hungary, current day Hungary is over-represented.

What is the time frame?
There are no limits set, however, most of the indexed people lived / live in the 20th century.

How can one obtain copies of the referred documents, paragraphs?
Most of the titles in the current, and possibly in the future list of processed publications are / will be protected by copyright. I try to negotiate into the direction so that copies of those materials could be supplied by me. Maybe translations of passages relating to researched persons would be helpful, too. This is again question of copyright.

What about the progress of RadixRef?
At the time of its launch in September 2000 RadixRef had some 10,000 records. Little by little, I add new records to the dataset. As of February 17, 2010 the number of records included in the database is 403,892.

Update history?
You can find a list of processed materials here. Click!

What about availability of records?
Similarly to other databases on RadixIndex, RadixRef provides free access to records with frequent surnames. Other records are available for RadixIndex subscribers.

Done with this long reading, here is the real stuff, start researching at RadixRef!

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RadixIndex5,509,030 records1,063,092 for freeSurnamesPlacesLog inSubscriptionArchivedFB
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