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Advent calendar 2016

Welcome to the RadixIndex Advent Calendar 2016! The calendar of this year has only 10 windows - but all of them will have some pleasant surprise to find. Come back to see the windows open daily between 15-24 December, as some of the presents will be good for a limited time only! Daily windows open at 00:01 Central European (Paris) time. Would you like to see some features added to RadixIndex - or even to this calendar? Your wishes are welcome either by email or by your comment to the dedicated December 2016 wishlist thread on our Facebook page.

15 December
25,000 new records added to the Verlustliste database!
16 December
Save $10, $5 or $2.5 on RadixIndex plans - get back to year 2000 prices! details
17 December
11 new surnames added to the list of freely available ones details -
18 December
RadixRefA - a new database indexing archival records has just been added to RadixIndex! details
19 December
14 new surnames added to the list of freely available ones details -
20 December
Our WW1 Austro-Hungarian casualty list database: Verlustliste received an update of 25,000 records details
21 December
An index of the 1938 Hungarian railway directory with 27,000 persons has been added to our RadixRef database.
22 December
Hungary's surname changes 1894-1900 is a new addition of 17,500 records to our Surname changes in Hungary database. details
23 December
The Industry and trade directory of 1891 in now complete with Croatia-Slavonia = 40,000 new records
24 December
Added 4000+ records to our new RadixRefA database details


16 December: To save on subscriptions or on topping up your RadixIndex account, apply the appropriate coupon code at payment: 1) 2016adv10off2 - good for RadixIndex (Standard) plan, saves $10 (you pay $20 for the $30 plan). 2) 2016adv5off2 - good for RadixIndex Light plan, saves $5 (you pay $10 for the $15 plan). 3) 2016adv25off2 - good for the RadixIndex Mini plan, saves $2.5 (you pay $5 for the $7.5 plan). Sale ends on Dec 18, 2016 23:59 US EST. Visit the subscription page to proceed!
17 December: Surnames Bodnar, Soos, Fazekas, Illes, Markovics, Erdelyi, Varadi/Varady, Szoke, Vajda, Orosz, Singer are now freely available. With this addition of 30,000 records the number of freely available records on RadixIndex passed the 700,000 mark.
18 December: The newly launched database indexes persons in sources that haven't been published in print. The initial record count of 250 is not something giant, but this resource will receive several updates in the near future. Check out RadixRefA!
19 December: Surnames Frank, David, Rosenberg, Balla/Bolla, Bohm, Ungar, Petrovics, Gaspar, Demeter/Domotor, Kertesz, Schaffer, Beck, Szasz and Vincze are now freely available. Freely available records passed the 750,000 mark.
20 December: With this update the number of records in the Verlustliste database has reached 1.4 millions. Check out this resource: WW1 Austro-Hungarian Verlustliste
22 December: Surname changes announced in Hungary's official gazetteer of the time, Budapesti Közlöny are now added to the database
24 December: New data are for Nagyhalász and Nagykálló (Szabolcs County) and for Pécs

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