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Timişoara city directory 1910
Welcome to the home of this database, vol. 6 of RadixIndex. This database was launched in November 2002

The source of this database
The printed directory of Timisoara city was used as a source for this database. Here is the bibliographical information of this publication:
Temesvári czimtár naptárral 1910. évre = Temesvárer Adressbuch mit Kalender für das Jahr 1910. - [Temesvár] : [s. n.], [s. d.]. - [6], XVI, 160, 144, [48] p. ; 24 cm
[English translation of the bibliographical information:
Timisoara city directory with calendar for the year 1910 = Temesvárer Adressbuch mit Kalender für das Jahr 1910. - [Timisoara] : [s. n.], [s. d.]. - [6], XVI, 160, 144, [48] p. ; 24 cm]

The contents of the database
The first part of the original publication has the directory itself, while advertisements make up the second part. This second part is not included in our database.

The directory typically contains the following bits of information about inhabitants: name, occupation, city district, street name and house number. In cases of professionals, both their business and home addresses are quite often given.

The number of inhabitants listed in the directory is 6,500.

Access to the database
According to the RadixIndex free records policy, records with highly frequent surnames are freely available to anyone. Entries with less frequent surnames are available to subscribers. Also, RadixIndex (Standard) and RadixIndex Light subscribers can download copies of pages from this source.

More information
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